ICO’s Are Dead, STO’s Will Be the 2019 Crypto Standard

Estimates of $22 billion were raised in ICO funds in 2018. The exact amount is unclear but it is nearly double the raise of 2017. In fact, ICO funding surpassed angel and seed funding for early-stage technology companies in the summer of 2017. It truly was the Wild, Wild West. And yes, was is a … Read more

Why Weed Companies Are Embracing Blockchain

There are a few reasons the cannabis and blockchain industries are meeting up. The Rolling Stone article does a great job of describing it in detail. For our readers who are staying up on the news in these industries here are some highlights to think about. Blockchain is mostly associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin — … Read more

The Equifax Data Breach Demonstrates The Importance of Blockchain Technology

The Equifax Disaster Last year, Americans woke up one morning to some devastating news. Equifax, one of the largest consumer credit reporting agencies, had announced that it was the victim of a massive data breach on an unprecedented scale. Equifax had experienced breaches in the past, even receiving a warning the prior year. But this … Read more