ICO’s Are Dead, STO’s Will Be the 2019 Crypto Standard

Estimates of $22 billion were raised in ICO funds in 2018. The exact amount is unclear but it is nearly double the raise of 2017. In fact, ICO funding surpassed angel and seed funding for early-stage technology companies in the summer of 2017. It truly was the Wild, Wild West. And yes, was is a … Read more

Two Powerhouse’s Merge to Create JWRX

You might be wondering how the two women at the helm of JWRX got into the industries we are currently doing our business strategies and content marketing in. What do Athlete Wellness, CBD, and Blockchain have to do with one another anyway? JWRX.io is a Business Consulting and Marketing Content Firm that solves complex business … Read more

Why Weed Companies Are Embracing Blockchain

There are a few reasons the cannabis and blockchain industries are meeting up. The Rolling Stone article does a great job of describing it in detail. For our readers who are staying up on the news in these industries here are some highlights to think about. Blockchain is mostly associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin — … Read more

Blockchain: Building a Better World

Blockchain, the technology that makes Bitcoin possible, is changing our world forever. This change is a subtle technological revolution which is bringing decentralization and trust to the world of finance. Blockchain technology is a digital, distributed, public, ledger. This ledger is incorruptible and maintains an important database of information including transactions and account balances. Business, … Read more

Inside Steemit: The First Social Media Network That Rewards You In Cryptocurrency

The Next Era of Social Media First, there was GeoCities, a rough web hosting service with flashy graphics and dated fonts. Then there was Myspace, which focused on meeting friends with blogs and music. Both were eventually dethroned by Facebook, which became the de facto social network for friends and family. But now is the … Read more

Cryptocurrency ABCs: Blockchain

Cryptocurrency ABCs: Blockchain Entering the world of cryptocurrency for the first time can be difficult. Learning all the terminology can be confusing and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Blockchain Blockchain is the technology that makes Bitcoin and cryptocurrency possible, but what is it? A blockchain is a decentralized, public ledger that records all cryptocurrency … Read more

Social 2.0: The Best Decentralized Social Media Websites

The Need for Decentralized Networks Blockchain technology continues to revolutionize the Internet, and it was only a matter of time until popular social media networks followed suit. Social networks and media sites present ideal opportunities for experimentation- they are fundamentally created and sustained by their communities. By removing third-parties from the equation, users can regain … Read more

The Equifax Data Breach Demonstrates The Importance of Blockchain Technology

The Equifax Disaster Last year, Americans woke up one morning to some devastating news. Equifax, one of the largest consumer credit reporting agencies, had announced that it was the victim of a massive data breach on an unprecedented scale. Equifax had experienced breaches in the past, even receiving a warning the prior year. But this … Read more